Rosetta Working Group Update:

Rosetta version 6.1 was released in July and 6.2 is expected in December.  An updated version of the Format Library (6.0095 ) was in September, this corrected an earlier release so customers are advised to install the updated version.

Enhancement ideas for 6.3 are being worked on at present, they are due for submission to Ex Libris at the end of October.

The Delivery and Integrations subgroup will be running a series of webinars over the coming months focused on different delivery and integrations topics. The first session looked at the different ways intuitions have integrated Rosetta and Alma. The upcoming webinars will look at delivering web archives, full-text functions and IIIF implementations. Recordings of all the webinars will be available on the Rosetta Working group wiki.

The Preservation subgroup is continuing its webinar programme looking at different pre-ingest workflows.  Dates for all sessions will be announced via the Rosetta list.

Planning is underway now for the 2020 Rosetta Working Group meeting being hosted by the KBW Leibniz Centre for Economics, Kiel, Germany 2-4 June.