Self service for members

IGeLU is proud to announce to all member institutions some improvements bringing access to our services up to date.

  • Access to the ‘member only’ pages on this website requires now your members institutional code and corresponding password.
  • Access to your own member institution details (read only) in the new membership list uses the same credentials.

The institutional username (code) and password will be stored only on one IGeLU LDAP-system, thus granting a save and up to date method of authentication to all of our services.

New membership fee payment method

  • On top of this, you will not receive the invoice by mail anymore, but you can directly download a PDF invoice from the Institutional details page and you can choose to pay the yearly membership fee either by credit card on the website accessing a secure https page, or by bank transfer. The invoice method even allows you to add your own institutional purchase order number on it.

NERS will follow soon

Access to NERS, our enhancement request system will use the same credentials soon, at this moment you still need your present credentials. We will update you the moment NERS is ready to use the new authentication method.

How to use these new services

The login page of course offers the obvious “Forgot your password” option, which will send a password reset code to your IGeLU contact person’s email address listed in the IGeLU administration.
You have to use this “Forgot your password” option to set your initial password.
In case you don’t know your IGeLU contact person or he/she has left your organization, please inform our IGeLU secretariat by sending an email to
More information and instructions how to use all the new functionality can be found here on this website or navigate to ‘About us-Membership-Members details

Thank you Siena

All these improvements and modernizations are made possible by our great IGeLU administration site in Siena (Italy) where two developers and the secretariat have assisted our treasurer to achieve this result.
Thanks to Guido, Duccio, Fabrizio and Katia and also Christoph in Berlin!

We hope you appreciate these improvements and modernizations and they will facilitate easy access to our password protected services.

Theo Engelman
IGeLU Steering Committee