SFX Product Working Group news

The SFX PWG has been going on at a steady pace with all usual activities

Software enhancement process

Yearly cycle is continuing, with very positive results. Recent and upcoming releases contain enhancements from the Igelu procedure. These results will be presented by the SFX Product Manager, Christine Stohn, during the Budapest conference

KB enhancements

The number of requests for KB enhancements is declining, yet still worthwhile. This is the reason we have only held one enhancement cycle this year. Talks have started with Alma PWG looking at a combined effort.

Merger with ELUNA

A merger with the ELUNA SFX PWG has been discussed and will become effective after the Budapest conference. Rich Wenger form MIT will take the role of coordinator. More information during the PWG business meeting.

Bas Vat, IGeLU SFX PWG Coordinator