Steering Committee elections & proxy voting

All IGeLU members have the opportunity to actively participate in and influence the decision-making process of the association, including the right to participate in the Assembly of Members; to approve or disapprove decisions about projects and activities; to define the aims of the association; to approve the budget; to approve amendments to the constitution; to participate in the PWGs; and to vote for officers in the Steering Committee.

This year two positions within the IGeLU Steering Committee become vacant – Pat Busby (Research Libraries Consortium South Africa), and Michael Fake (London School of Economics, UK), both come to the end of their terms, and so elections for these two positions will be held at the Assembly of Members, during the Haifa Conference on Sunday 11th September.

The elections will be carried out via a secret ballot, with one ballot per member institution. If your institution will not have a representative at the meeting you can still register a proxy vote. (You must be up to date with payment of fees to take part in the voting).

If you wish to present your candidacy for one of these posts, or you would like to propose an another candidate from an IGeLU member institution, please contact Guido Badalamenti (, preferably before or at the Annual Meeting.

Guido Badalamenti – IGeLU Treasurer