Aleph PWG update

The 2012 enhancement voting cycle was completed successfully on March 21st, and as a result six enhancements were forwarded to Ex Libris for development. We anticipate the most, if not all, of these enhancements will be included in a December 2012 service pack. The final enhancement descriptions are posted elsewhere on the website. This was the first year that the IGeLU and ELUNA PWGs jointly coordinated enhancement voting, and the first time that NERS was used for final Aleph voting.

Petit aleph blanc - by Renaud Camus

Collaborative testing for version 21 has also been successfully completed. Silvia Lopes (University of Lisbon, Portugal) and Maya Amichal (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel) represented IGeLU users.  The final report of testing is now available.

Mike Ryan, Aleph PWG Coordinator