URIs Report Published

The IGeLU/ELUNA Linked Open Data Community Of Practice Working Group has published a report on URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers). The report details how URIs are handled by Ex Libris, seeking to identify ways in which Ex Libris could improve these product features as well as to inform their future developments. The report can be viewed […]

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LOD Town Hall Meeting: URIs in Ex Libris Products

This Town Hall meeting will focus on URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) in Ex Libris Products. We will discuss some critical URI issues identified by the working group members who evaluated a set of sample outputs from Alma and Primo. We will also present the potential solutions for discussion. Your participation and input will help the […]

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News In Brief – Mar 2016

Dear Reader, Welcome to the first News-in-Brief of 2016, and it has been quite an exciting start to the year. This edition is packed with information about the various happenings, which we believe will be useful to the IGeLU user community. IGeLU 2015 @ Budapest saw the election of a new IGeLU Chair and Jirka […]

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Linked Open Data and Interoperability Special Interest Working Group news

Developer Day Collaboration between the Interoperability and Linked Open Data SIWGs has continued since our last Newsletter, with more quarterly call as well as increased effort gone into planning the Developers Day post-conference after IGeLU on Saturday, September 5. Our hopes of a modest 50 attendee-meeting have been far exceeded, with over 85 registrants for […]

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News in Brief May 2015

We invite you Dear reader, This first News in Brief in 2015 is again loaded with information we believe to be important for you. Of course we have updates on the upcoming 10th IGeLU Conference in Budapest. But there is more… All IGeLU officers work hard on a voluntary base to serve the interest of our community. […]

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News from the LOD SIWG

Interoperable Collaborations The LOD and Interoperability SIWGs have begun to discuss ways to work together more closely. It is neither possible nor desirable to separate concerns about API-Level interoperability and RESTful interfaces from concerns about Data-Level Interoperability and Linked Open Data. To this end, our SIWG Working Body’s have begun quarterly joint calls and are […]

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News from the LOD SIWG

New members on the Working Body Following an engaging IGeLU 2014, the Linked Open Data LOSSpecial Interest Working Group filled two vacancies on our Working Body, and are looking forward to collaborating with the two newest members of the group: * Dr. Arif Shaon, Lead Technical Officer, Library Repository Services, University of New South Wales […]

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IGeLU Working Groups news

News from all IGeLU working groups IGeLU would not be able to be a viable organisation without the Working Groups. They form the core of IGeLU! Your are kindly invited to read all about their important activities in the news of Product Working Groups and Special Interest Working Groups: Primo / Metalib Product Working Group news SFX Product […]

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Linked Open Data SIWG News

Collecting use cases The joint EGeLU/ELUNA Linked Open Data SIWG continues to collect use cases and present them to Ex Libris on WebEx conference calls. On February 26, 2014, Roxana Popistasu of the National Library of Luxembourg presented on linking between author data in Primo/Aleph and Autorenlexikon, an encyclopedia of Luxembourgish literary authors. On March […]

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