NERS Content Enhancement (Spring 2018)

The Spring 2018 NERS Cycle for Content has now started! Timeline for this Content Enhancement Cycle: Review by the NERS coordinators of the existing migrated requests from Wednesday May 9 to Sunday May 20, 2018 Submission of new requests by the user community: Monday May 21 to Sunday June 3, 2018 Content Working Group review […]

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NERS and Ideas Exchange (IE)

WHAT NERS DOES FOR YOU IGeLU, ELUNA and Ex Libris have a Product Development Collaboration Agreement, where Ex Libris has a commitment to develop the top voted enhancement requests from customers. The NERS system and underlying Product Development Collaboration Agreement give ELUNA and IGeLU members the benefit to prioritize customer enhancement requests using the voting […]

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A quick update on NERS

In case you missed it, this past Fall, we launched single sign on in NERS for IGeLU users.  Your official IGeLU username and password will now work for logging into NERS.  Currently, we are working on a handful of new features for NERS which will launch this Spring.  Most of them are minor tweaks to […]

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Idea Exchange

An Ex Libris initative After intensive discussions with the Steering Committee about the aim of the initiative, Ex Libris has announced a new platform for all customers to post ideas for enhancements and extensions to their products. This platform also offers a voting mechanism to facilitate customers to support good ideas. The platform is based […]

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News from NERS

NERS Updates Currently work is under way to integrate NERS with the IGeLU ldap system to simplify logging into NERS.  Once completed, this will allow IGeLU users to log in to NERS using the same set of credentials they use for the website and administrative system. We were recently notified of a bug in the […]

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Voting for ‘Ex Libris CRM’ (Salesforce) enhancements

The voting for the ‘Ex Libris CRM’ (Salesforce) enhancements starts Tuesday January 29th, and will run to Tuesday February 11th 00 pm. VOTE! We encourage you to participate in the ballot, just logon to NERS where you will find access to the voting directly on the start screen. The title of the ballot is “Survey […]

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News from Ners

This Spring we have been working on enhancing both the technology that supports the NERS system as well as the teams that provide support for the system. Active collaborative development on the system is under way and as our programmers become more familiar with the code structure, we should be ready soon to take user […]

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