News from the Primo/Metalib Product Working Group

The Primo/MetaLib PWG is happy to announce that this year’s annual NERS enhancement cycle for Primo and MetaLib+ has been successfully completed.
In summary, we had a total number of 154 enhancements for which 8719 votes were cast. We are now compiling the final list and will be sending this shortly to Ex Libris for review and development.

We would like to pass on our gratitude to the Ex Libris user community for participating in this process, and we will shortly update you with the outcomes.
Some of the other highlights for this year include a successful special OvP enhancements cycle, MetaLib users survey and more collaborative work with ELUNA (which includes work on this year’s NERS enhancement cycle).

We would also like to announce two upcoming vacancies in the Primo/MetaLib PWG from September 2013 onwards.
So far, we have received 4 nominations for these positions, but if you are interested and feel passionate about working in the Primo/MetaLib PWG to enhance these important Ex Libris products, please don’t hesitate to come forward and nominate yourself. The vacancies will be filled at the IGeLU 2013 conference via a vote.

We look forward to seeing you at IGeLU 2013 in Berlin.

Masud Khokhar, Primo/MetaLib PWG coordinator