The Linked Open Data Special Interest Working Group getting results

The LOD SIWG  is making progress with formalising the organisational structure of the new joint IGeLU/ELUNA Special Interest Working Group.
A first draft of a group statute or by-laws is available for review by the IGeLU and ELUNA Steering Committees. The final version will be published as soon as possible.
One of the main issues is the aim for equal representation between both user groups as much as possible. The group needs candidates for a number of tasks and responsibilities in the Working Body, especially from ELUNA.

A working collaboration framework with Ex Libris now has established. We have agreed on organising monthly open calls in which each time one specific use case or scenario is presented and discussed.
The objective is to provide Ex Libris with a representative overview of real LOD requirements for their products.
The calls are open for all Ex Libris customers and are announced on the new IGeLU-ELUNA-LOD mailing list, which is open for all Ex Libris customers and staff.
Interested customer staff are invited to submit their own use case to the same mailing list preferably using a template available on EL Commons.
Use cases and scenarios will be published for all Ex Libris staff and customers on EL Commons. Additional documentation and meeting notes will also be made available there.

At the IGeLU 2013 conference in Berlin there will be an open LOD SIWG session where status, activities and use cases will be presented and discussed.
Please join us on Monday September 9, 10:45-12:15 if you are interested.

Lukas Koster, joint IGeLU/ELUNA LOD SIWG coordinator