IGeLU Steering Committee Visit of St. Petersburg

From March 20 to 23 the IGeLU SC visited St. Petersburg to check the conference venues and have meetings with the local organizing committee for our upcoming conference in September. These visits are vital to boost the conference organization and discuss many details with the hosting institute. More news on the conference is published...
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Updates from the KBAB SIWG

New members The joint IGeLU and ELUNA Knowledge Base Advisory Board (KBAB) engages in activities, on behalf of the Alma, SFX, Intota/360Link, Primo, Summon, PCI user communities, that support the development and management of the knowledge bases and indexes that underlie the aforementioned products. While the Alma and Primo communities are well represented in...
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Customer Stories on Professional Services

Ex Libris professional services IGeLU has recently received feedback from members indicating complaints and dissatisfaction with the professional skills and quality of Ex Libris’ project staff. To better represent the customers when talking to Ex Libris about this we need your help and input. Therefore IGeLU kindly asks all National and Regional User Groups...
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Customer Stories on Salesforce Cases

Ex Libris support cases IGeLU has recently received feedback from members indicating disagreement and dissatisfaction with the assessment by Ex Libris support of cases opened by customers. The main complaint is about cases where the customer regards a problem as a being a defect or missing essential functionality but instead the case is being...
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News in Brief – December 2016

Dear Readers, 2016 marked the 11th Annual Conference of the International Group of Ex Libris Users and was, as usual, packed with informative sessions that aimed to address the interests of the wide group of ExLibris users. This year , new tracks were introduced for Summon, 360 products, Leganto and CampusM, in addition to...
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Customer Knowledge Centre

Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center Update Early November Ex Libris gave the IGeLU and ELUNA SC an update on the Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center The Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center (CKC), accessible without any limit has all kinds of content types: Product Documentation Training Knowledge Articles Release Notes Product Materials Implementation Guides Since...
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