Notes from the IGELU SC Meetings in Trondheim

Every year, prior to the conference, the IGELU Steering Committee, makes a visit to the upcoming conference host city & venue to meet with the local conference organizing committee. The Steering Committee also uses this opportunity to meet up with senior executives from ExLibris to discuss important issues related to the user community, as...
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Notes from the BIBSYS Conference

The BIBSYS Conference was held in Trondheim, Norway, on the 15th and 16th of March. 393 participants from the BIBSYS Consortia participated at the Conference, which is hosted by BIBSYS each year. This year the program was colored by the implementation of Alma for the libraries in the BIBSYS Consortium. Matti Shem-Tov, CEO Ex...
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News In Brief – Mar 2016

Dear Reader, Welcome to the first News-in-Brief of 2016, and it has been quite an exciting start to the year. This edition is packed with information about the various happenings, which we believe will be useful to the IGeLU user community. IGeLU 2015 @ Budapest saw the election of a new IGeLU Chair and...
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New IGeLU Chair elected in Budapest

After 9 years, IGeLU elected a new Chair, during its last conference in Budapest – Theo Engelman from Utrecht university, Netherlands. Theo has been on the Steering Committee of IGeLU for 3 years and was mainly responsible for the technological infrastructure of IGeLU – administrating the website, the WebEx meetings and the archives on...
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A warm welcome to ProQuest customers

IGeLU is pleased to embrace the extension of our community by many international institutions that use ProQuest Workflow Solutions products. The recent acquisition of Ex Libris by ProQuest has resulted in a move of products such as Summon, 360 solutions, Intota and SIPx to the portfolio of Ex Libris. As a consequence all customers...
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