Primo New UI Hackathon/Virtual Conference: Dec.12 – Dec16

The new user interface for Ex Libris’ discovery product, Primo, is a direct result of a product enhancement request by customers in 2014-2015. The initiative represents one of the most productive product collaborations to date between the ELUNA/IGeLU User groups, the user community at large and the vendor Ex Libris. In order to learn to […]

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NERS and Ideas Exchange (IE)

WHAT NERS DOES FOR YOU IGeLU, ELUNA and Ex Libris have a Product Development Collaboration Agreement, where Ex Libris has a commitment to develop the top voted enhancement requests from customers. The NERS system and underlying Product Development Collaboration Agreement give ELUNA and IGeLU members the benefit to prioritize customer enhancement requests using the voting […]

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Primo SaaS, next steps

Primo SaaS Primo/Metalib PWG will accompany Ex Libris road map for the future development of Primo SaaS features. Aside from this PWG will deliver in collaboration with Eluna PWG and Interoperability (IO)/ Linked Open Data (LOD) SIWGs a report about development tools needed within SaaS within the next three months. Primo software ballot The ballot […]

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Idea Exchange

An Ex Libris initative After intensive discussions with the Steering Committee about the aim of the initiative, Ex Libris has announced a new platform for all customers to post ideas for enhancements and extensions to their products. This platform also offers a voting mechanism to facilitate customers to support good ideas. The platform is based […]

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Primo SaaS Jerusalem meeting

Move to SaaS During the meeting of the Steering Committee with Ex Libris management in Budapest in March one of the topics was the new Primo policy of Ex Libris with its strong emphasis on the SaaS environment and issues connected to the new policy from the point of view of the user community. As […]

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SFX Product Working Group news

The SFX PWG has been going on at a steady pace with all usual activities Software enhancement process Yearly cycle is continuing, with very positive results. Recent and upcoming releases contain enhancements from the Igelu procedure. These results will be presented by the SFX Product Manager, Christine Stohn, during the Budapest conference KB enhancements The […]

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Alma Product Working Group news

First Enhancement vote The Alma PWG just completed its first ever enhancement vote. The enhancement process was led by Ann Miller, University of Oregon, US. Over 500 proposals (of more than 600) were advanced for the first round of voting. Many thanks to all of the individuals who served on the enhancement groups chaired by: […]

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News from the Primo / Metalib PWG

Primo Central Index Central Knowledge Base (PCI CKB) voting The IGeLU Primo PWG conducted – in collaboration with ELUNA – a Primo Central Index Central Knowledge Base (PCI CKB) ballot which was the first PCI voting at all. The ballot was a great success and 138 resources were added to NERS and sent to Ex Libris. […]

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News from the Aleph PWG

IGeLU Aleph voting cycle 2014 The 2014 Aleph Enhancements voting cycle was finished in January, 2015. In this voting cycle we promote the following 5 enhancements to be included in the next Aleph versions. Automatic reset of lost/forgotten account passwords within Aleph/Primo: [NERS #3416] When using F3 or Ctrl+F3 the subfield order in the Cat editor should match the retrieved […]

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News from the SFX PWG

2014 Software enhancement voting results The 2014 SFX software enhancement cycle was completed early December and the results of the voting have been sent to Ex Libris for evaluation. According SFX Product Manager, Ex Libris is currently planning to do the first five enhancements: KB Manager: Ability to add author information to e-books records in […]

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