Primo Central Index and 360 link outages

Ex Libris customers experienced a service interruption for Primo Central Index at February 2nd, 2018 which lasted 10 hours. A root case analysis has been published ( Without any connection to this incident, Ex Libris customers experienced another service interruption for 360 Link on February 4 which lasted 8 hours. A root cause analysis...
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Announcing a new web interface for IGeLU members

We are happy to announce that a brand new administrative tool is going to be deployed! Originally developed to reflect the last changes to the statute about consortia management, it has then grown and now it includes many useful features for both the members and the secretariat. It has a new web interface for...
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Developers Day 2018 – An invitation to participate

Dear all, We are looking forward with great anticipation to hosting another Developers Day at the end of the IGeLU 2018 conference in Prague, on Thursday August 23 2018. Developers Day is run by developers for developers, working together on exciting and innovative topics around but not restricted to Ex Libris products. This year...
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Primo PWG – An update

2018 enhancements cycle update Submissions have recently closed for the 2018 enhancements cycle and are currently being reviewed by the enhancements team made up of members of the ELUNA and IGeLU Primo PWGs.    Voting will open on the 14th April and close on 29th April.  Full details of the timeline for the enhancement process...
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Summon PWG – An update

Dear all, With the decision by ELUNA to split the current joint Summon WG, we need to form an new IGeLU Summon WG.  We welcome your participation! IGeLU invites all of you to join the formation of the new IGeLU Summon WG,  If you are willing to join the group, please respond to Theo Engelman...
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Introducing a new member of the family – Rosetta PWG

The Rosetta Working Group has four sub groups that focus on different areas of the Rosetta system. These are 1. Format Library WG 2. Digital Preservation WG 3. Delivery and Integrations WG 4. System Operations WG Each group is currently identifying and prioritising future enhancement requests to send through to Ex Libris. In addition...
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