Primo Enhancements voting is open!

The 2019 ballot for Primo enhancements is now open, and it closes on Sunday, April 21. There are 61 enhancement requests on the list this year, and they cover both Primo and Primo VE. Put your institution’s 100 votes in now! Learn more about the enhancements process on the Working Group’s dedicated page. […]

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Primo VE Summit Report

In October 2018, 10 members of ELUNA and IGeLU Primo Working Groups worked with Ex Libris to study the VE flavour of Primo, for the Primo VE Summit. The initial outcome is the Primo VE Summit Report, which seeks to answer a number of questions for those institutions interested in Primo VE.  It specifically was […]

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Primo Working Group – An update

2018 enhancement cycle update: Ongoing second round After the initial voting in NERS for the Primo 2018 enhancements, we had conversations with ExLibris that resulted in the rejection of some, and the need for further clarification of some highly voted enhancement requests. To ensure community backing for the final results, we have started a second […]

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Primo Central Index and 360 link outages

Ex Libris customers experienced a service interruption for Primo Central Index at February 2nd, 2018 which lasted 10 hours. A root case analysis has been published ( Without any connection to this incident, Ex Libris customers experienced another service interruption for 360 Link on February 4 which lasted 8 hours. A root cause analysis has […]

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Primo PWG – An update

2018 enhancements cycle update Submissions have recently closed for the 2018 enhancements cycle and are currently being reviewed by the enhancements team made up of members of the ELUNA and IGeLU Primo PWGs.    Voting will open on the 14th April and close on 29th April.  Full details of the timeline for the enhancement process are […]

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Primo/Metalib Updates

New coordinator & personnel changes Andy MacKinnon (Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford) has recently taken on the role of Co-ordinator of the Primo/Metalib PWG, succeeding Dr Christian Haenger (Mannheim University) who was elected to the IGeLU Steering Committee at the St Petersburg conference. Knut Bøckman (Royal Library, Denmark) has stepped up to take on the […]

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Updates from Primo PWG

The process for the 2016 enhancement voting is finished. Ex Libris will provide the function ‘Provide email, print and push options for list of loans/requests in My Account’ (Ners Id 3441) which will be delivered for the current and the new UI. As this is an huge development work this will cost the community 100 […]

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Updates from Primo PWG

Primo PWG News in Brief Primo Software Ballot 2015 and 2016 The final enhancement list resulting from the Primo software ballot 2015 has been published: .   The IGeLU and ELUNA PWGs will not conduct a software ballot in 2016. We will wait for the first customers to go live with new UI and […]

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Primo New UI Hackathon/Virtual Conference: Dec.12 – Dec16

The new user interface for Ex Libris’ discovery product, Primo, is a direct result of a product enhancement request by customers in 2014-2015. The initiative represents one of the most productive product collaborations to date between the ELUNA/IGeLU User groups, the user community at large and the vendor Ex Libris. In order to learn to […]

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News In Brief – Mar 2016

Dear Reader, Welcome to the first News-in-Brief of 2016, and it has been quite an exciting start to the year. This edition is packed with information about the various happenings, which we believe will be useful to the IGeLU user community. IGeLU 2015 @ Budapest saw the election of a new IGeLU Chair and Jirka […]

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